Acoustic Circus at 2020 Fifth Fridays – H.I. Lincoln Building

2020 Fifth Fridays at H.I. Lincoln Building were announced jointly by the Lincoln Highway Association and Farming Heritage Inc. The H.I. Lincoln Building will be reopened for one day, January 31, 2020 during the current refurbishment project to allow for the continuity of the traditional Fifth Friday Music Programs. The Acoustic Circus, the central states leading folk-rock band, will be the first star attraction of 2020.

The Acoustic Circus includes Kathy Cechetti on vocals and rhythm guitar, Steve Catron on vocals and mandolin, Andre Quintones on vocals and lead guitar, and Mark Stach on bass. There will be one action-packed show beginning at 7:00 PM. Advance tickets, $15, are available at FNBiA: In Amboy at 220 E. Main and 301 E . Joe; In Dixon at 1314 N. Galena and 314 S. Crawford; In Franklin Grove at 108 Elm St.; and in Davis Junction at 5558 N. Clark. Phone for all branches is 815-857-3625. Tickets at the door, if available, will be $17.

Additional 2020 Fifth Friday dates and attractions are:

May 29 Switchback – International touring Celtic-American Duo

July 31 Jim Wolber and the Lariat Band – (now increased to 7 members) in a special summer evening show at the Chaplin Creek Village Barn.

October 30 Well Strung – a powerhouse group from Byron. Originally a two guitar and harmonica trio now enhanced with a bass player and a keyboard artist.